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04 April 2014

Just Recap

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I'm done (at least I think so) applying all that I have to apply. Scholarships, universities, colleges.

It's waiting time.

At this point I don't even care if i got any scholarships or not. Asalkan dapat sambung belajar aku dah bersyukur. Cuak gak ditolak sebab BM tak dapat A.

So basically i'm lifeless here. Dah stop kerja sebab projek tu dah nak siap. Tiada apa lagi yang boleh kubuat. Duduk rumah, buka komputer, tutup komputer, buka xbox, tutup xbox. Yeah literally that's my routine everyday.

Dah dapat lesen pun rasa malas nak berjalan. Adik2 aku dah start sekolah balik.

For these past two weeks, tiga movie aku tengok kat wayang. First, divergent.

Second and third, Captain Murrica The Winter Soldier. Yes I watched it two freaking times. Captain murrica kedua tu tengok 3D ( first time tengok wayang 3D). Wow menarik jugak except i have to freaking adjust the spec all the time sebab asyik melorot ke bawah.

but my hope to watch need for speed tak kesampaian. serious nak tengok aaron paul berlakon dowh (Breaking Bad geek here).

Game of Thrones season 4 will be aired next week.

All in all nothing happened in my life right now. I'mma just disappear for now.

Sorry for this boring post. I know you guys are pissed off for wasting your time here. So here's a potato.

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