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12 March 2014

Bad weather

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So lagi seminggu result SPM akan diumumkan

Well that's not what i'm going to discuss in this post.

Malaysia is getting hotter each day. Well at least at my place. I wish i can do this all the time.

Wildfires are everywhere. Setiap hari masa balik dari office je mesti nampak hutan terbakar di kiri kanan highway KESAS.

And this, leads to haze all around Klang Valley. Recently i've got cough because of the bad, bad weather.

*I am still upset about not getting the ticket to taylor's tour

After five days missing, flight MH370 is still yet to be found. No clues, no wreckage, no nothing. Let's pray for them. Allah Maha Mengetahui.

What i don't understand is why are some people so insensitive about this incident and even make jokes about this. There are families crying and all you be is an a**hole? Please pay some respects.

Just now i heard about this ritual by bomoh-bomoh untuk mengesan MH370 yang hilang tu. STUPIDEST THING EVER! Who came up with this idea? Boleh merosakkan akidah.

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Akeyla Azmi said... Reply To This Comment

sakai, isn't it? ugh. sabor jelah.