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21 January 2014

It'd be better if we're just friends


(I just watched this video and it kinda related to me so i decided to post something about this)

Okay. Singkatkan cerita.

You like someone. You get to know that someone. You become friends. You become comfortable with him/her. You love him/her. You are in a relationship with him/her. You care about each other. One of you stops trying. You argue with each other. You are sick with each other. You break up. You don't talk to each other. You become strangers.

That's how pretty much every relationship ends, right?

Aku pernah lalui semua ni. Sekali masa form 2, sampai awal form 4. Sekali lagi time form 4 sampai form 5.

Aku menyesal sangat. Bukan menyesal sebab break up. Menyesal sebab berada dalam hubungan tu. It's like kita suka sorang tu then last-last we're not talking to each other anymore. Tak nampak ironinya ke di situ? Yeah i know feelings change. Tapi kenapa layankan perasaan tu awal2.

Kalau dari awal jadi kawan je, tak mungkin berlaku semua ni. What's the matter with showing affection to each other by just being friends. You could talk whatever you wanna talk about and still be friends. No jealous issue no controlling each other.

Again, people would say, "Oh no i don't wanna be friendzoned." Wanna get out of it? Trust me, it's a trap.

Being in a relationship with someone i'm comfortable with, it's like the biggest mistake in my 18 years of life. Not only I lose a friend, but somebody. I don't even know how to describe this. Anyway, what's past is past. I've learnt my lesson. I'm trying so hard not to feel anything towards anyone.

I don't even know why i bother talking about this stuff.

((Lega dapat luahkan))


Alyani Matshah said... Reply To This Comment

sedih kn?? saya pun pernah laluinya...

eyqa yushaiza said... Reply To This Comment

tak tahu rasa dia macam mana. tak pernah couple pon.. :3

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

tutti sokey.

pasni cool je sentiasa kay. take it easy, no hard feelings. zikir selalu. hahaha. okbai.