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01 January 2014

2014; loading completed

End up the year just like every year, in front of the computer (admit it you did this too)

how i celebrate new year

Honestly i'm not that excited for this new year because you know, school has ended so there's not gonna be any differences in the term of year please understand me

but i gotta act excited right? so, YAY NEW YEAR

What do you guys think of 2013, huh? Was it good or otherwise? Well, for me 2013 had been a real good year. I mean, really really good. I had improved in my studies and others. I had good friends alongside me throughout the year that unexpectedly came to my life and make me feel good. I'm gonna miss that.

My best friends, Luqman Hanif, Kamal Fikri, Ashraf Idris, they're there when I need them. Aku sayang korang!

To all my friends, especially my classmates, thank you very much for making 2013 so awesome. I really miss you guys, honestly. I'll never forget each and every one of you. And my dormmates, they're so cool I love them very much.

And to my teachers (kalau ada yang terbaca ke), sejuta seribu seratus jutaan terima kasih saya ucapkan. Tanpa cikgu yang peramah dan approachable like you all, i must've been in a complete different situation (in my study). Saya saaaayang cikgu. And for my best English teacher ever, Miss Emma, infinite thank you! My year will be dull without you.

Kepada semua yang mengenali aku atau pernah mengenali aku, aku nak minta maaf sangat. Aku ni memanglah selalu annoying tapi aku sayang korang. Aku nak korang rasa terhibur tapi mungkin kepedasan kata-kata aku ke tersilap kata ke, aku nak korang maafkan. Dan hubungan yang terputus di tengah jalan dengan aku tahun ni, aku nak cakap sorry sangat, I'm not ready.

2013 has ended that means I'm 18 years old now. Take that, cinema ticket collector! No blocking me from entering any movies now.

I think that's all. Azam tahun baru? lol aku tak pernah ada azam tahun baru. Things just happen, you know. For the people out there,


Iris Jasmine said... Reply To This Comment

hehehe sambut new year depan laptop. selamat tahun baru! :D

Akeyla Azmi said... Reply To This Comment

Hohoho same goes with me here lol.
In front of laptop je hahah.
Yeah make it so! :D
Wooooo 18 oledi oh yeahhh

Ratu Lissa said... Reply To This Comment

well apparently 2013 has been a good year to many of us, me included :)

ahmad afandi said... Reply To This Comment

good afternoon and happy new year 2014 :)