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10 April 2018

hello again. sbeen two years

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Two years later...

Heyya it's syamil here.

I am currently doing my degree in mechanical engineering (materials).

I have to say this, diploma life ain't got anything compared to degree life, man. Maybe it's a location factor? Johor and KL, there's gotta be some differences, aight? I mean, my life has been a complete mess these last 6 months, academically, financially and mentally. (Note that i am in my second semester of the second year).

As a direct entry student (from diploma of utm to degree of utm), my subject schedule memang selalu tak ngam. Ada gap in the middle of the day, class til late 6, and clashes between classes. Tapi nak buat macam mana, we have to deal with it la kan. Pelajar direct entry ni ibarat anak tiri je untuk utm.

I've been struggling with my studies for quite some time now. CGPA pun atas sikit dari 3.00. Which means yay no scholarships for me to apply. Most scholarships require 3.50 and above. Kirim salam. This puts me in quite a situation. So for now my dad sponsors me, and i feel so bad for not having a better cgpa. Man, it's paradoxical.

Most of my friends got degree in pure mechanical engineering. Me, i'm separated. Honestly, i had been thinking long and hard to try to change my course. I have to be with them. But! I thought maybe there's a reasoning behind all this. Allah is the best planner, after all. Ada hikmah aku ditawarkan materials mechanical. Maybe not now, but later.

I'm still wondering why i took engineering.

Now for the good stuff

It has been almost a year now since i've come into contact with umi again. We haven't been contact in for more than three years. I'm glad she took me back and we are better than ever. She is still so pretty, just like the first time i saw her. She's studying medic in our neighboring country. We are very far away from each other for now. But i'm here. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

God, i love her so much

I've been learning adobe illustrator, and i definitely fell in love with that piece of software. Drawing, but with computer? Sign me up. Also, i joined a phtography club in utm. Needless to say, the best decision i made during early degree. The programs organised are fun and the people are very and i mean very, friendly. Thanks bruh and sis!

April is here, which means this month will show the biggest cinematic blockbuster for a freak like me. Avengers infinity war will be lit bruhhv! A decade of exposition and backstory, character developments, and of course our favourite silver screen superheroes will be in the same movie. How bout daht!

See ya in the next post. Peace!

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